Next Generation Infrastructure

End To End infrastructure

Bugle provides the best in class Next Generation Infrastructure from most of the leading vendors like HP, Cisco, Microsoft, Vmware etc. The main services include the below offering


Bugle boasts of solution architects from most of the leading networking vendor solutions and believes in proposing what’s best for you rather than pushing a particular brand or make. We design the solution based on application performance keeping the current and forecasted demand in line with your need.

Data Center

In the Data Center offerings as well we produce designs based on the application performance and the latest digitization trend to cater to your ever changing needs keeping the near and far future in mind. Our Architects are both trained and certified in the best of the breed solutions of most leading brands.


Bugle has a detailed offering on Audio Visual services including CCTV, IPTV, Access Control, Public announcement system, Digital Signage solutions, Interactive Systems, Hospitality solutions, Command and Control Center, NOC and SOC solutions and many more.

Smart Solutions

From Cloud solutions to IOT and Smart City solution, Bugle offers a comprehensive range of solutions. Some are inbuilt solutions while others are through selected partners where we have done the due diligence of selecting the right partner so you can benefit from our expertise and experience

Stadium Infrastructure

Bugle has a comprehensive Stadium solutions that includes Wireless Solutions, LED solutions, Display solutions, Fan Zone solutions and Scoreboard solutions.

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