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IoT And AI

Bugle is a 100% Qatari company with experience in managing IoT and AI based projects. As a Systems Integrator, we work with the global solution providers for software and application and various hardware / devices can be procured as part of the project requirements. Our strenghts varies in implementing more than 100 use cases in IoT. Combined with IoT, our partners also bring in their expertise in data analytics, AI, BI and ML. Advanced reporting and dashboards are integrated part of our solutions.Some of the key use cases are summarized as below.

Smart Cities

Smart and Safe City implementation is one of our strengths.Highly scalable solutions / platfrom with use cases to include but not limited to Smart Lighting, Smart Buildings, Smart Offices, Smart Homes, BMS, Command Center and Operations, CCTV and Security, Advanced Reporting and Dashboards, Community Services, Traffic Management and many more. The solutions are proven globally through our partners and have the flexibility to scale the platform by onboarding one use case at a time. We have been engaged with major implementations in Qatar including the smart city solution for UDC, The Pearl, Qatar. The unique capability of our offerings is to be able to integrate with multiple backend systems, CRMs, ERPs, external services, government services etc.

Fleet Management System

FMS offerings from Bugle include Advanced Fleet Monitoring solutions through highly scalable infrastructure and hardware devices.Some of the features include real time GPS based tracking, route monitoring, allocation, driver management, maintenance and safety monitoring, fuel monitoring reporting and dashboards, vehicle and driver management etc.

Waste Management System

The unique solution capability of Smart Waste Management System that is offered by Bugle is the hardware device used to monitor the bin levels. A state of art advanced device that can be used for any bin sizes and measuring both wet and dry waste fill levels, also has capabilities to distinguis the waste type. The software solution compliments the hardware through features that include route optimization, bin collection planning, integration with backend systems, integration with FMS, driver management and other features. We are globally successful in implementing various sized projects.

Energy Savings (ESCO)

Energy Savings and Optimization offerings includes range of services for commercial buildings with KPIs focused on savings CAPEX and OPEX costs on energy. Our services includes walk through assessment of the current state, detail analysis of the energy consumptions, recommendations of updgrades and optimization techniques and finally implementation of the ESCO contract for the customers.

Real Time Video Compression Solution

Bugle is one of the very few companies that offers real time video compression solutions for CCTV. Globally successful and used by NYPD, FBI, MI5 etc. the solution is proven for all security compliances The smart Neural Network based AI and ML algorithm employed as part of the solution ensures 90% and above quality without comprimising any features of the original feed. Talk to us to find out more about the offerings.

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