Consulting Services

Functional, Technical and Strategic Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Bugle brings in the experts from various domains and industries to cater for specific business problems. As part of the ideation stage, Bugle engages with their customers to define the business problems, quantify the KPIs to measure or improve, structure and prioritise the problems, conduct detalied problem analysis,synthesize the findings and recommend the best solutions based on the experience and expertise.

Technical Consulting Services

The unique capability of Bugle in offering technology consulting is to leverage the findings from business and statistical consulting to propose the best fit product or solution unlike most other solution providers who enforce technology products and solutions irrespective of the fittment with the business needs.Detailed evaluation and pilot phases will be conducted to ensure the best fit features followed by end to end implementation and support services.

Functional Consulting Services

Functional Consulting forms a bridge between business, statistical and technical consulting verticals. Bugle leverages their expertise to prepare the business by comprehending the business cases , defining the scope and boundary, identification of stakeholders and their roles,capability analysis and finally the customer journey definition. Organizations benefit from our functional experts who can speak both the business as well as technical languages.

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