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The IT department in most organizations has evolved over time in a haphazard manner without a proper roadmap of an integrated consolidated portfolio. To add to this the challenging demands of digitalization, dynamic business demands and new technologies puts added pressure on IT. Also, the reputation of IT is in tartars as they are only remembered for announcements of downtime for maintenance and technology upgrades. IT is blamed for all the things that go wrong and never appreciated for all the hard work. Our consulting and Advisory services focuses on these main challenges from Reputation management, ICT Strategy & Governance, Portfolio Optimization, Technology transformation and Enterprise Architecture.

For example, The Portfolio should be developed based on the business priorities. The applications must be chosen accordingly to the scalability, support options availability, integration possibilities and the future of the technology at the minimum.

The Portfolio planning should be done using a Top Down approach using the Enterprise Architecture Methodology. At the minimum, the following steps are followed while planning a portfolio.

  • Discover Business Capabilities & Document the Business Capability Blueprint
  • Identify Duplicate Business Capabilities, Functions & Processes
  • Conduct Logical Groupings of Business Capabilities & Map to IT Solutions
  • Estimate Duration of each IT Solution & Discuss with the Business their Priorities
  • Identify & Document the Portfolio Automation Plan
  • Model the artifacts into an Enterprise Architecture Role

The outcome is an IT Portfolio which not only effective and functional in the short term but also gives a long-term view or Roadmap into how it will transform based on the business needs in this ever-changing dynamic environment.

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IT Reputation Management

The IT reputation is in a questionable dire state inspite of the fact that the IT team works hard day and night. Our consultancy services advise on how the reputation can be managed and the IT team can claim back what is rightfully due to them since long

ICT Strategy & Governance

The ICT strategy for any organization can make a big difference on how the organization benefits from the latest cutting edge technology while the governance plays a vital role in ensuring that the projects are delivered successfully

IT Portfolio Optimization

The IT Portfolio for most organizations has evolved over time in a haphazard manner without a proper roadmap of an integrated consolidated portfolio. Our portfolio optimization services takes stock of all the IT components in your organization and then optimize it in a way that it results in huge cost savings. In addition the portfolio becomes more manageable, flexible and agile to respond to the changing business demands

Technology Transformation

With Digitization, Big Data and Analytics being the buzz word now, every organization needs to be prepared for the technology transformation. Our consultancy services advises how you can transform your technology bottoms up so that even the core components of legacy system are cloud and mobility ready and get integrated with bug data systems

Enterprise Architecture

As IT departments grow, with the time and business needs new systems and technology stacks gets added to the environment. As this happens most often the enterprise architecture and IT blueprint doesn’t get updated/refreshed. This problem is compounded when people change and the CIOs are left with solution/system stacks that are either isolated or the dependencies are not known. This results in complexities in managing these environment or/and upgrading the environment or/and troubleshooting. It leads to uncertainty and question mark on real uptime, system performance issues, unwanted load and most importantly revenue leakages.

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